When intuition deserts you

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Ever had that feel when you just know something is good or bad? Your gut instinct is to stand and fight or run a mile?  When you just know… Our intuition comes from a wealth of psychological processes our brain goes through using past experiences and is such an instinctive response that we barely register it consciously.

I have been in situations where I’ve been asked for a response to something and specifically implored to not engage my analytical brain, but go with what my gut says, what’s the first answer I would give without thinking about it. 

Karen Young wrote that intuition is the link between our subconscious and conscious mind and there are ways to sharpen our intuition and listen to it when we need to make decisions.  She found research that linked emotion and intuition with a real physical presence in our gut, hence “gut feeling”.  The 100 million neurons in our gut are sometimes referred to as our second brain, adding to that butterfly in the stomach feeling when we are nervous or have to make a difficult decision. https://www.heysigmund.com/9-ways-to-tap-into-your-intuition-and-why-youll-want-to/

Over the years I can put several life events down to following my intuition and gut feeling.  From changing jobs simply by appearing to know when and where to have a conversation with the right people who can manifest that with me, to the people I choose to have as friends, and I’ve had to let go of several of those over the years.

The fear of letting others down, living up to others’ expectations, or being judged by others seems to be a common block to listening to intuition.  And as someone who loves the logical and ordered, the data and the evidence that backs up a decision or action, “going with my gut” can be really difficult.

I have recently been asked to reconsider a part time job proposal.  It was something that was talked about a year ago or so, but went quiet due to my change in role at work and other factors that needed further consideration.  My fears are telling me that I should not do it. That I ought to have a full time income (not that I necessarily need it). That I’m only just 50 years old and plenty of full time work left in me.  That I’ve spent so long crafting this career it would be foolhardy to throw it away.  I am really torn about it though, as the new role is something that really interests me, something that I can use my skills in and something that someone else is asking me to consider and therefore they have faith in me being able to deliver it (I presume).  My intuition and gut feeling is not being very helpful in trying to resolve this issue.  So the logician in me responded to say that they needed to fully consider what they wanted this role to achieve and how it would affect other similar roles that could also be classed in the same category, and if they were going to pay someone to do that job, should it be someone more qualified at it than I am?  Almost talking myself out of it. 


One thought on “When intuition deserts you

  1. Would you love it? Do you love your current role? Life is too short to not do what you love. And I wonder if we live to work or work to live? Surely you could do with the extra spare time 😉


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