Competition Time

I have just launched a #bellringing competition that doesn’t involve bell ringing. At least not physically. Usually competitions involve striking bells in the right place. This one is about striking pictures.

As Public Relations Officer I get asked from time to time for images of bells, churches or ringers for print or web articles. We don’t actually have a library of images so I thought it would be good to get other people to submit their photos under Creative Commons License which would allow sharing and reproduction.

It’s taken a few weeks to get the details and technicalities of how to administer the competition up and running but thanks to the magnificent work of the web assistant, the first category is now live.

The first category is Ringing Throughout the Seasons. We’re looking for images of churches and or ringing that obviously can determine the season, e.g. Church in the snow or surrounded by daffodils. Each submission is moderated to make sure that it fits the criteria and make sure that permissions have been given by anyone in the image etc.

People have six weeks to submit images then a winner and runner up will be determined and the next category opened.

Over time this will give us a great range if images that can be used for all sorts of purposes. It will be fantastic to see what gets submitted although moderating them all maybe time consuming. Then I’ll need to find judges to determine the winner and runners up in each category.

Let’s see how creative people are.


One thought on “Competition Time

  1. Will be good to see what folks submit. I expect there are plenty of avid photographers who are bellringers šŸ””šŸ“·


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