Back to Baking

The last week has been very much taken up with #bellringing activities.  Every evening there have been a webinar to attend, giving some great insights in to getting back to ringing after the pandemic.  I’ve also had the customary two virtual #bellringing sessions.  It was rather nice to get back to my other free time love, baking.

The green box from BakedIn arrived very promptly after dispatch, and for once I was ready for it.  All the extra ingredients needed were already in the fridge or cupboard.  Due to the postponement of a regular Friday afternoon #bellringing meeting, I actually had a spare couple of hours to indulge in some baking therapy, and for possibly the first time ever I actually made the bake on the day it arrived.

It was a simple bake.  Cupcake batter, a cinnamon syrup, then some runny icing and sprinkling of pecans.  The Cinnamon Bun Muffins were very quick to knock together.  They smelled absolutely lovely whilst baking.  In no time at all they were done, iced and ready for taste testing.

I was disappointed however that the taste of cinnamon wasn’t very strong, I would have personally liked it much more noticeable.  The bakes themselves though were incredibly light and fluffy, not the usual stodge that shop bought muffins can sometimes be.

I am calorie counting at the moment and trying to make more healthy snack choices, but the pull of the muffin with my afternoon cup of mint tea was too great.  I did however manage to restrict myself to one, although could have quite easily gobbled two or three.  I used my MyFitnessPal app to calculate the calories per muffin and was rather pleased that I hadn’t succumbed to more than one.  They worked out at 248 calories each.

I only had coffee for breakfast and a slice of bread with light Philadelphia and an apple for lunch, we had Pinch of Nom Simple Chicken Curry and rice for dinner, so I had one bottle of beer during the evening’s virtual beer tasting and snuck in a mint magnum as a treat.

That leaves ten muffins between the two of us for the rest of the weekend.   


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