Bank Holiday Baking Bonanza with a bit of Bellringing

In ordinary times May Day Bank Holiday would be fully taken up with the #bellringing AGM.  We would need to be at the Cathedral by 9am, usually C would be running the pre-service #bellringing, then the service and then the meeting, following by a quick lunch somewhere and the afternoon towers to ring at in whichever district’s turn it was to host, and the epic bellringers tea.

As we are having our 2nd lockdown AGM over video conference, it meant none of the before meeting activities, no lunch out somewhere nice and no towers to ring at afterwards, although someone had organised a virtual #bellrinigng session for anyone that wanted to join.

This has however, afforded us time to do some other stuff.  Before the AGM started, I made a batch of lemon viennese whirl biscuits with homemade lemon curd (see yesterday’s blog entry) with white chocolate buttercream.  Utterly delicious.  I have also made some tuna scotch eggs that required eggs to be boiled, potatoes to be boiled and mashed, bread to be crumbed, and then all assembled before baking.  These will be for my lunches for the rest of the week, with some salad. 

In the meantime, C perpared and baked some bread rolls.  He put the ingredients in the bread machine first thing, and once mixed, rolled them, proved them then baked. 

The oven was well utilised.

After the meeting we adjourned to Ringing Room for some virtual #bellringing. We tried some rounds on 16 just for funzies, but it came a cropper, so stuck to 8 bell ringing after that with a plain course of Stedman Triples, just over half a course of Cambridge Surprise Major (didn’t quite get to the end), then a course of Bristol Surprise Major which was pretty good. I then ducked out as I still had some things to get done and other Central Council bits to get out of the way today. C said that they ran some Double Norwich Court Bob Majory after I’d left.

Without the afternoon ringing tour and tea, I had time to make Biscoff pancakes I do in advance ready for my breakfasts for the week ahead.  I ping them in the microwave at work for about 1 minute 30 seconds to warm up again. If I’m working from home, I add another dollop of Biscoff spread so it goes all runny and adds extra yumminess.

All in all a Bank Holiday baking bonanza, with a bit of #bellringing business thrown in for good measure. Quite an enjoyable day.


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