Feeling the energy in the room

Had a meeting on Friday night which was so good, I felt really positive afterwards and energised into action.  It finished quite late, so apart from updating the action log, I left the rest of the usual post meeting admin until Saturday morning.

Saturday morning, I was so focused, I updated various other documents that needed sharing after the meeting and sent them and the action log round to the group members to review and feed back on.  Then I filtered all my actions out and cracked on with a number of them.  I had to forward other information to individual members of the group, so had to look a few things up, contact a few people and send messages out.  I kind of really enjoyed it.  Then of course there’s the satisfaction of closing off some of my actions.

The other thing I needed to do was play with a website plug in that will allow us to run photo competition in the coming months. It will allow people to upload their photos, for them to be moderated, then put into a gallery that then anyone can have access to if they need a photo of churches or bells or bellringing.  Can’t wait to finalise the details and launch it.

Have got a couple of other things to get sorted this weekend and a few more details emails, and an old-fashioned letter, to knock out.  This will mean that I’ll be able to tick quite a few items off of my To Do list. 

Had a virtual #bellringing session on Saturday afternoon, then have another meeting on Sunday night, then another meeting and virtual #bellringing session on Monday morning.  This is just as much activity as would ordinarily happen this Bank Holiday weekend as if we were able to go out to towers and ring with other people. 

The coming week is going to be an epic adventure.  As well as the day job, there is something every evening of the week, and at least 2 different things, if not 3, on the Saturday and Sunday.  Some of it overlaps so I’m going to have to manage that somehow, but I’m sure it will all work out.

For this evening though, we’re going to kick back and have a takeaway instead of cooking dinner.  Might even have a beer to go with it.


One thought on “Feeling the energy in the room

  1. Flipping heck. Glad you felt positive but be careful you don’t wear yourself out mentally as well as physically. Enjoy your take away and beer/s 🍺


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