Great Customer Service

I have a BakedIn subscription whereby every month a green box arrives with some dry ingredients and a recipe card and with a few additions, enables me to create, usually, something that looks and tastes great.  Due to a recent change of bank card information my subscription renewal didn’t go through.  The first I realised was when I received an email saying that they were sorry that I hadn’t renewed my subscription but that I’d be welcome back any time.  No pressure, no fuss. I immediately went on to the site to renew my subscription and change the card information.

However, what I hadn’t noticed was that the date for the renewal to start was September 2021.  I saw the September date and thought that meant that was when the 6 months subscription expired.  Didn’t think any more of it.  Realised that I wouldn’t be getting the March box, so ordered that separately.  That arrived in the next couple of days, the bake was done and scoffed and all was right with the world.

Then I started to see people posting their April bakes on the group Facebook page.  I don’t recall getting the email to tell me what other ingredients I needed to buy.  Figured that it had got caught in the spam eliminator and that my green box would be arriving eventually.  As the days ticked on, I thought that I really should have had the box by now.  I emailed the company and attached a screen shot of my account details.  I explained what had happened about the card but that I thought I would have received April’s box.  Within a few hours I had a response telling me that the renewal start date was set to September so I wasn’t going to get anything until then, but if I wanted them to, they could reset it to start from May.  That would mean that I’d have to order April’s box separately, but they gave me a discount code so that the shipping would be free (usually £2.99).  I emailed back and said yes please to rearranging the renewal date and thanked them for the discount code.  I then got another response to confirm that everything had been updated and May’s box should arrived at the right time.

All of this was completed by email in the space of under 48 hours.  There was no hard push, there was no fault apportioned.  No fuss, no hassle. 

I have had cause to contact them before when one of my boxes had one of the bags of ingredients missing.  I did say that it wasn’t a problem as I had whatever it was in the cupboard anyway, so was able to continue with the bake, but thought that I’d better let them know in case there was a packaging problem and others may have had the same issue.  They contacted me back within an hour, apologising and said that they would send another complete box immediately.  I didn’t really want another box of that particular bake, but their speed of response and willingness to put things right without argument or creating a fuss is a fantastic example of what customer service should be.  It’s a shame many other organisations don’t behave similarly. 

If you want to get into baking, try new skills and recipes, then I thoroughly recommend BakedIn.  Something different every month.


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