I’ll get round to it eventually

Today I managed to tick something off my to do list that has been there since last September.  It’s not anything urgent or that anyone else is dependent on, but one of those jobs that would take a lot of time and mental energy and I’d need to be in the right frame of mind to do it. Today was that day.

I’ve been doing a series of interviews with bellringers and posting them to a Youtube channel over the last year, I guess you could call it my lockdown project (despite the fact that I’ve not been restricted by lockdown at all).  There was an interview I recorded in September that still needed to be edited and made ready for uploading.  It’s not due to go out yet, as there are others ahead of it in the queue, but I kept putting off the editing as I just didn’t feel in the right frame of mind to do it.

Today though, annual report deliveries are much more local, so didn’t take that long to whizz round, so it provided a good opportunity to tick a few longstanding items off the list.

The edit took about 2 hours, cutting out the “ums” and “ahs” and silent thinking pauses, the repetitions and waffle.  Its important that each interview covers the main questions and puts both the interviewee and #bellrinigng in a good light.  Any references to anything slightly odd needs to come out.  I’ve also been taking references to the Covid restrictions out, so that they make the conversations more timeless.

I did also get around to uploading the next interview in the sequence and sharing that, so hopefully people will get to see it over the next few days.  The last one I uploaded was 2 months ago, so it was a while overdue.  With the one that I’ve just finished editing, I still have 4 interviews to upload in this series.  Then there’s the Bellringers Question Time and 2 talks associated with the Ringing Course that will be uploaded. Plenty of content over the coming months. 

By the time the last interview has been uploaded, we should be back into some semblance of #bellringing and there might be opportunity to actually record some ringing to showcase what we’ve been talking about in these interviews all this time.

So, 2 longstanding items ticked off the to do list.  Only another 3 to go, plus all the stuff that comes in regularly anyway.  A good day at the (home) office.


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