Don’t get stuck in a rut

Predictability is all well and good, and there’s certainly a place for having a routine that helps you navigate the day, especially when you have lots going on. But it can feel like being stuck in a rut or on a merry-go-round at times, when things happen and there’s no energy or enthusiasm in it.

Every now and then its good to mix things up a bit.  Now, I’m certainly someone that likes a bit of regimented routine, I like to plan things well in advance, and I am conscious that there’s a lot in the diary to keep me occupied.  Having a lot in the diary isn’t the same though.  A lot of those things are the same only slightly different.  There are #bellringing meetings.  They could be with different groups of people about slightly different topics, but essentially they are meetings about #bellringing.  Then there’s actually ringing, currently the online version, however C and I have been continuing to ring two bells at the Cathedral on a Sunday morning to keep things ticking over. Again, that’s all a bit predictable and “safe”.

Even doing small things differently can help us keep that enthusiasm going.  Something as simple as trying a different menu option on the takeaway menu can add a bit of intrigue.

Every now and then something larger scale needs to happen to really shake things up a bit.  Maybe rearrange the furniture in the lounge.  Redecorate.  Take cooking lessons.  Learn a new skill. offers some ideas on how to make small changes that may have a big impact on living differently:

  1. Think Big – don’t let self-imposed limits hold you back.
  2. Work hard for yourself, no one else.
  3. Be inspired. Find out what makes you tick and do more of that.
  4. Do something regularly that scares you. Maybe send that report you’re worried out what reception it will receive.  Put yourself out there.  Do that talk.  Challenge your fears.
  5. Travel.  Locally, nationally, internationally.  Investigate other people and places.
  6. Find ways to be more productive.  Working from home can free up commute time that you could do something else in.
  7. Find out when you’re most productive. If you’re more switched on first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, do your best work then.
  8. Be responsible for your own life.  Your health, wealth, your environment and well-being.
  9. Live your dream, not someone else’s.
  10. Unlearn things.  Having more or bigger stuff doesn’t mean its better.
  11. Spend within your limits.  If the cash isn’t in your account, you shouldn’t get it.  You’ll end up paying twice as much in the long run.
  12. Be outdoors as much as you can, taking in the natural world.  If you can take your laptop or phone outside for meetings then do that.  
  13. Don’t sit around all day.  Move.  Your body will thank you.
  14. Declutter.  Do you need all that stuff?  What purpose does it serve?  Would someone else benefit from it?
  15. Don’t waste precious natural resources.  Recycle, reduce energy, reuse.
  16. Turn off notifications.  Stop letting social media dictate when you should access it.
  17. Turn the TV off and read a book instead.  You’re more likely to learn something.

We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and trying to keep up with the Jones’s.  They’re not living our life and we need to live our dreams.


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