Baking with Bananas

Sometimes recipes require ingredients that I don’t like. Occasionally I’ll follow the recipe as written, try it and am surprised that it doesn’t taste like I’d expect. Sometimes I substitute the ingredient for something different.

I got around to baking the strawberry and banana loaf cake today. Now, I don’t like strawberries but I do like the flavour so I’m ok with that. But bananas. There is nothing about a banana I like. The smell, the taste, the texture. All disgusting. So why bother with using it?

The recipe called for one banana to be mushed into the cake batter. I took a punt and decided to go with it. If it turned out disgusting then C gets to eat the whole thing to himself.

The strawberries were freeze dried so I’m hoping that the flavour will be intensified enough to out do the banana. I won’t know until tomorrow when we taste it.

I’ll let you know later whether its edible.


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