Day of Rest

Sundays are described in various parts as a day of rest.  I wish.  I usually have just as much to do on a Sunday as any other day of the week.  And just because it was Mothering Sunday, that didn’t make any difference.

C and I are currently ringing 2 bells on a Sunday morning at the Cathedral, just to keep the bells sounding and the world outside knowing that the church is still there and what day of the week it is for all those for whom it seems a bit samey.  When we come home its time for a vat of coffee and we’ve taken to having a lump of garlic and herb focaccia from the bread stall in town, usually warmed up in the microwave.

Sundays in this house is also the day of ironing.  Ironing only gets done on a Sunday and if we’re not home for any reason it doesn’t get done and has to wait until the next Sunday.  C has caught up with all the washing so there were about 3 loads that needed ironing.  I don’t like doing the ironing (or any housework really come to that) but cannot abide wearing things that haven’t been ironed.  It was an agreement we came to when we first got together.  I’d do the ironing or cook Sunday lunch, not both.  I think I lost out on that one. 

Ironing is so mind numbingly boring though, so I have to watch something on TV to keep me at it.  However, that can’t be anything that requires too much attention otherwise I’ll burn the shirts!  I usually watch some mindless nonsense on Netflix.  This week’s trash of choice was the final view episodes of Fate, the Winx Saga.  A teen who finds out that she’s a fire fairy attends a magical school only to find out that she’s probably the most powerful fairy ever.  Lots of teenage angst, love, hate, rebellion etc.  Far too many Harry Potter derivatives.  Its not great, but it passes the time.

By the time ironing mountain has been cleared, lunch is ready.  Todays was roast beef, followed by chocolate pudding. 

Only then do I get to sit down.  However, not to rest.  To sit down means to go through emails. To produce posters for things that need advertising this week.  To set up Doodlepolls for various meetings of various workgroups that I organise.  Oh, and I needed to make my breakfasts and lunches for the working week ahead.  Biscoff pancakes for brekkie and chickpea pilaf rice for lunches.  Oh, and whack out a cake because it’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow and I’ve got some buttercream to use up.

Then it’s time for the 10 bell Ringing Room #bellringing practice.

Only when all of that is done, can I then sit down and do nothing.  A nibble of some cheese and crackers with a sniff of something to drink it our usual Sunday evening wind down.  Now I can stop, and rest a while.

And it all starts again tomorrow.


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