Inspiring Award Winners

I watched the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) Awards ceremony this evening. Considering we haven’t been able to do much ringing in the real world over the last 12 months there were so many inspiring stories of what people have managed to achieve.

From young ringers who haven’t been #bellringing very long themselves, achieving great things, contributing to their local towers and beyond, teaching and inspiring. Others made contributions in print and on line, recruiting new and retaining existing ringers, encouraging, leading, educating and developing.

The big winners of the evening, which were thoroughly deserved, were the joint runners up in the award for Excellence in Development of technology Graham John and the team behind Handbell Stadium and e-bells. Handbell ringing has taken off massively and having a real handling experience has been a massive benefit. The undoubted winners of the night were Bryn and Leland, the creators of RingingRoom. Over 10,000 registered users across the world have had the benefit of being able to ring with each other on the virtual platform which has been a real life saver for ringing.

It was quite emotional to hear all the testimonials for each nomination. If all the nominees were together the power of the tower would be palpable.

Ringing is in very good hands. Congratulations to all the nominees and winners.


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