Family Quiz Time

We have a once a fortnight family Skype during which J usually has a list of questions for everyone so we get to hear everyone’s news and updates.  Once a month we’ve taken to having a bit of a quiz. 

Now, I’m not a fan of quizzes on account of the fact that I don’t know much stuff.  I hate office quizzes and charity quizzes.  I once went to one of C’s works quizzes and I only knew the answer to one question the whole night.  It was awful.  That and being with a whole bunch of people I didn’t know.

Our family quizzes started with big bruv doing a picture quiz based on biscuits.  Then T did one based on Blankety Blank, J&A did one based on the Generation Game.  I did one on zoomed in photos of everyday objects. 

This week our daughter R raised the game with an epic 6 category, 31 questions with a total possible 43 points. It covered History, Science, TV & Film, music, current affairs and people and places.  There was audio, video, pictures and powerpoint wizardry.  It was a tough quiz though. I think the highest score was only 12.  I scored a 9 which wasn’t the worst.  Having said that 5 of those points were scored during the first 2 questions (which had multiple answers). Her and her flatmate had done some serious homework and there was a good mix of new and older stuff in each category.

These are a bit of fun, no prizes, just the kudos of seeing how clever we are (or are not). Its been rather good that we’ve all come up with different ideas and themes. I still hate “formal” quizzes though.

The gauntlet now returns to big bruv to devise the next one for some time in March.


One thought on “Family Quiz Time

  1. It was great. At another quiz we attend, we said that you can glean information from other quizzers by the style of quiz they create, and you might actually learn something 😉 I suppose it helps if you enjoy the people you quiz with too, ha ha 😂


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