Lost Emails

I wondered whether it had all gone quiet, I was being ignored, or something was amiss.  I usually get about 20 emails a day to my various “home” accounts, excluding spam.  By that I mean my own email address, my Association emails addresses and my Central Council addresses.  For the last few weeks I’ve had significantly fewer.

Needing to be on a Zoom meeting I was concerned that 24 hours before the meeting I hadn’t had the Agenda and supporting papers, nor the link to the Zoom meeting.  A quick fire email to the right person and it seems that my name had dropped off of the email group so I hadn’t received what had been sent out. 

Because I was using my laptop, not the main PC with the main email stuff in, I had to log into my Gmail account, but the email that had been sent with the meeting information wasn’t there.  I was frantically trying to log into everything.  Outlook, Gmail, Office 365.  Depending on which of the aliases used, depends on where the email ends up. Ended up having to email it to myself from the home PC to the Gmail account.  Eventually got in, but not without some angst.

Whilst I was logging into various emails boxes, I also came across a couple of other emails that seemed to have been sitting in a Spam folder for one account but were not showing in any of the other redirected accounts. They were quite important emails too. I thought that all the email redirects were supposed to find their way into at least one of the 3 main email address locations. 

Apart from my work email address, of which I have 2, I have 6 other alias email addresses for various roles.  The majority of them get redirected via our main location but with the recent addition of Office 365 for some ringing activity, that seems to have thrown a spanner in the works.  Sometimes I get duplicates, sometimes I get none.  Sometimes I get someone else’s reply before I get the original message. Sometimes it takes 2 days for them to come through.

I’m reasonably IT literate, but this gets so confusing. 


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