Adrenaline Junky

Nothing like a crisis to get the adrenaline going.  Its all going a bit Pete Tong at the moment with former colleagues dying due to Covid-19 and staff off with either positive results or self-isolating, meaning that the service is about to fall on its knees.  However, a few strategically placed phone calls and lots of toing and froing has resulted in a bit of a plan that should help the situation a bit.  Also some positive clinical engagement, which was fantastic.

I’m not usually one that responds very well to instant and urgent changes, and trying to solve immediate problems.  I like to ruminate over things, check all the facts, formulate a plan, get everyone involved.  Time was not on our side so this week, and today in particular, have been very much making things up on the hoof, last minute conversations and plans, no time to overly consult, only with those that are critical, put a series of actions together and BAM! I can head in to the weekend slightly more relaxed about the prospects of the week ahead.

I feel surprisingly buzzy about it all to be honest.  The time has flown by, I’ve not been wondering what task to do next. I’ve jumped from one conversation to the next, to the next and to the next.  I don’t think I could sustain that level of activity or focus for too long, and admire those that do and those that work in environments that require that fast paced thinking and problem solving.

When adrenaline kicks in it stimulates our “flight or fight” responses.  When the body is flooded with adrenaline it helps focus and engages the brain, improving cognitive responses.  A bit like a massive caffeine hit.  Apparently, it can improve your eye sight as the pupils dilate, and improves respiration. Even after the triggering event there can be a residual feeling of high vigilance and excitement and can intensify those feelings.  As well as a burst of energy and strength the immune system gets a little boost too. (

So, having started the day with the sad news of another colleague dying and not feeling like I wanted to really do much, at the end of the working day, I’m now bursting with energy and enthusiasm.  Just as well as I’m hosting a virtual #bellringing session tonight and had better be on my A game.


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