Kindling some e-shorts

As I’ve been on annual leave this week, one of the things that I wanted to do was some reading.  Trouble is, I’ve read all the fiction books that I’ve invested in and although I have some non-fiction to wade through, felt that being on “holiday” wasn’t the best time to read those.

I haven’t downloaded a Kindle edition of a book in ages.  I much prefer the physical thing to hold, turn pages and even the smell.  I am also a bit OCD when it comes to collections. If there are a number of books by an author I enjoy, or a series that run together, then I have to buy all of them, and read them in order.

My favourite genre is historical fiction, most specifically Tudor period. I’ve read all the Jean Plaidy, Phillipa Gregory et al.  Having most recently thoroughly enjoyed Alison Weir’s series on the Six Tudor Queens.  I have the final instalment already on pre-order.  I happened to be rummaging around that well known online purchasing site and came across a series of Alison Weir e-shorts.  These seem to be companion stories to the Six Tudor Queens series.  There are 7 e-shorts so far that relate to the first 4 books of the Tudor Queens, so one can assume that there are more to come. For £0.99 each, it was a no brainer to download the lot.

I’ve gone through the precis for each e-short and listed them in order of which main Six Tudor Queens books they sit along side so that I can, as with full series, read them in order.  There appears to be 1 that sits with Katherine of Aragon, 1 that bridges that with Anne Boleyn, 1 that accompanies Anne Boleyn, 1 for Jane Seymour and 2 for Anna of Kleves. 

I have a whole day with no meetings or need to be anywhere else or do anything in particular, that I can give wholeheartedly over to reading these e-shorts.  Give me a nudge when dinner’s ready!


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