Christmas gadgets

I had the opportunity to play with my new Christmas gadget on Sunday. C bought me a Hohem stabilising gimble to help record some epic videos on my phone.

I took it up the tower when we went #bellringing to record C and me doing our socially distanced ringing on two bells.

I’ve been recording our ringing for several weeks and uploading it to my YouTube channel, but taking it just on my phone, meaning it was on selfie mode, so it looks like the bells are hung anticlockwise.

I set the gimble up and set it off. It recorded well and the sound quality was good. The bells are even the right way around.

I tried several modes like the panoramic view and tracking a moving image but I was just randomly pressing buttons, without knowing what I was really doing, so it didn’t quite work. I need to watch a tutorial or two to get the hang of it.

I’m looking forward to improving my video skills and it would be interesting to record something when we have all the bells back ringing.

In the meantime you can watch my efforts at


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