Socially distanced birthday cake

As plans have been well and truly scuppered for Christmas, it has also made Dad’s birthday celebrations difficult. We usually have a grand gathering for his birthday and couple it with “the great car boot swap”, the chance for everyone to exchange Christmas gifts.

As we weren’t having a great gathering in a pub somewhere I thought that Dad might miss out on his pub dinner, so my original plan for Dad’s birthday was to order dinner from a localish pub that was still doing take away service, then drop it round with his pressies and their Christmas stuff too. However with the latest restrictions, the pub decided to withdraw its offer, so I had to tell mum she’d have to cook after all.

I have however, made a cake and as I was working from home, dropped that off with his presents etc instead. I left them on the doorstep, rang the doorbell then retreated to the other end of the driveway.

We chatted for a while and updated news on what daughter is up to i.e. not coming home for Christmas. I couldn’t stop long, a) because that’s probably not a good idea and b) had to get back for a 1pm meeting.

I think Dad was suitably happy. He’d spoken to big bruv and one of my sister’s by the time I got there. Not your average birthday but when you’re on your 81st of them, maybe they get a bit samey after a while.


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