Fungal buddies

Todays #MSEBuddyNetwork was discussing how we could extend the work, role and effectiveness of the network and an analogy was drawn to the hyphae of mushrooms. That prompted a number of us to Google what that was.

Essentially the hyphae is a network that transports nutrients to other parts of the fungi. Obviously in our Buddy connection its about spreading the network and supporting staff through listening, understanding, supporting and caring.

We’re trying to do this through the Cast of 1000 supporting #bellringing as well. The idea being that 1000 experienced ringers offer their help on a rota system to help those of us who are stuck in the middle tier of ringing progress into Surprise Major methods.

The more people willing to help and support, the easier the burden is on a small group of keen people. The more people involved, the more others get to know about it and get involved or use the services.

The spreading of nutrients, whether listening, understanding, supporting, caring or #bellringing gives us a sense of community, adds value through integration, helps cope better with stressful situations, alleviating emotional distress and enhancing self esteem.

Investing time in support networks benefits mental health, which in turn benefits physical health and longevity. Making new friends improves the relationships you already have whether you’re the one getting the support or the one giving it.

Let’s be hyphae.


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