Brownie baking

No, I don’t mean cooking small Girl Guides!

Been a bit of a busy day and the rest of the weekend doesn’t appear to be much better so in order to assuage the need to bake, it would have to be something quick and simple.

As it happened, the previous day saw something pop up in one of my social media feeds showing chocolate brownies decorated like Christmas trees. They looked quite effective.

The picture above was my attempt at replicating the design with what I’d got to hand. To be honest, they look quite good in the flesh.

I’m not very good at coming up with my own designs for cakes and bakes but I can copy someone else’s design generally. I always state that where that is the case and never claim them as my own.

The other thing I did, to keep in with a theme amongst friends at the moment, was to add some orange flavouring to both the brownie mix and the icing. Chocolate orange flavoured goods are definitely a staple requirement.

I’ll get to test them out whilst in virtual meetings over the weekend and I’m sure there won’t be many left come Monday morning. 😋


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