Winning at life goals

Every year I promise myself that I’ll get more organised for Christmas earlier so I don’t have that last minute panic buy. And every year, without exception, I fail.

Its usually because I have no idea what to get people, and those closest are really rubbish at offering up ideas. And also the lack of shopping opportunities between work and #bellringing commitments. I dont really like getting things as stocking fillers, I’d rather get things that people want. I also try not to get things that people need. If they need it, then they should buy it themselves. If they can wait until Christmas or birth, then they don’t really need it.

Every year the family has the same conversation. “Oh, don’t worry about getting me anything, I earn money and can get things I want when I want them, save your ££”. I totally get this and subscribe to it. I’m a grown up and earn enough, so if I want or need something, I’ll just buy it. I get that that makes me incredibly fortunate and that some people dot have that luxury. There is something to be said for I’ll buy you a voucher for a well known delivery company, and you buy me the same thing , therefore negating the point, which then becomes a battle of how much did one spend versus the other.

Having said all that though, I do like to buy people gifts, something to open on Christmas morning.

This year, due to lack of #bellringing commitments I have had more opportunity to browse shops and on line. As I’ve been doing so, if I’ve seen something I think someone would like I’ve bought it there and then. Even C has been earlier in providing guidance on the sort of thing he wants.

To cap it all, I’ve even wrapped and labelled everything I’ve got do far. With it being unlikely that we’ll all be able to gather for Christmas this year, things will need posting or dropping off, so the logistics of that will need sorting in good time.

For once, at this stage, I’m ahead of the game.


One thought on “Winning at life goals

  1. You’re doing better than me. I’m an extreme bah humbug and don’t really want to even consider Christmas really


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