The Week Ahead

I turned the page in my diary to look at the week ahead. Its going to be a busy one.

I have the day job of course, 9.5 hour days Monday to Thursday. Then when I get home, apart from Monday evening, I have Zoom meetings or Ringing Room sessions every evening.

Tuesday a workgroup meeting, Wednesday an executive meeting, Thursday a RingingRoom #bellringing session, Friday a RingingRoom session, a joint workgroup discussion and a different workgroup meeting. Then Saturday a day off.

Its just one of those weeks when everything happens all at once. Thankfully not every week is like this.

Keeping busy is a great way to keep hopeful and motivated. Having something to occupy our time gives us something to talk about, something to learn from, something to share with others.

I know myself when I keep busy, I’m more motivated, have increased energy, more productive, more creative, more alert and more positive. When I have less to do, I get easily distracted by nothingness and lose focus, then just sit on the sofa playing games on my tablet.

Having said all that, of course it is good to have some down time, to relax and recharge. I have a week off work the following week which I’m looking forward to.


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