Brain drain

The brain apparently has the capacity for storage similar to that of an ipod or USB drive, but the way neurons connect many memories at a time, this capacity is exponentially increased. Why is it then, my ability to learn and retain a new #bellringing method is nanoseconds?

Learning new things is good for the brain. The younger the brain, the more space it has for new memory storage. As we get older it takes a bit longer and things become easier to forget quicker.

One way to learn is repetitive practice. It is suggested by some that spacing repetition over several weeks or months will have better longer term retention. There are tips and tricks on how to remember things more easily, if you can remember what they are in the first place. Exercice to clear your head. I don’t need exercise to clear my head, its pretty clear most of the time 🤣 Write down what needs to be remembered over and over again, just remember where you’d written it. Relate new things to what you already know, use some brain training app or game to sharpen your focus.

Lots of uber clever ringers remember methods as what the work is above and below where the treble is, or by thinking of it as a different method with bits added or chopped out.

Every time I need to learn a new method, I spend a while staring at the blue line, the pattern of the work. I sometimes even write it out a few times. Then I’ll have a go of ringing it on the simulator and do that over and over again.

Mt trouble is that I’m not very good at retaining it, so if I don’t then ring it for real very soon after learning it, I’ll forget it. I can also instantly forget it after I’ve rung it once and then have to learn it all over again for next time. And, when I learn it again, I have very little recollection of having rung it before, its like its completely new all over again.

I’m glad I get the opportunity to learn new methods and extend my repertoire, even if only temporarily. Apparently learning new things improves brain chemistry, increases learning speed, helps make connections between skill areas, makes you more interesting (😉) fights boredom and may help stave off dementia.


3 thoughts on “Brain drain

  1. I have to draw it out. In colour. In a planar plot.

    Once I can “see” its pattern, I can remember it.

    But can I ring it? No. That is where that repetition counts in – doing it so often its akin to muscle memory – and long before that happens, Im bored and want to learn something new.


  2. Visual learner here – I need to draw it out in a Janogram in colour before I really understand the method.

    But actually ring it? That takes so much repetition before it becomes muscle memory,. Long before that happens, though, I’m bored and want to play with a new method.


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