Just the two of us

With our area in Tier 2 restrictions the #bellringing community is once again advised to not meet in multiple households. So the decision was whether its worth #bellringing just 2 bells.

We went along to the Cathedral anyway. We met the Dean and other clergy who also asked if everything was OK last week as we didn’t ring at all then. We clarified that others had been ill so we’d decided not to ring, and explained that it would just be the 2 of us until restrictions changed.

C did try to chime 2 bells so we could try 3 between us but the musical version was too heavy to keep going, so we decided to stick to ringing the 4th and 5th properly.

We did a few minutes of rounds, ding dong, then swapped places, dong ding, then back again. Then we did some places dodging. Two blows in the same place, dodge, 2 places, then dodge, and kept that going for a while. The finished up with a couple more minutes of ding dong.

Although ringing 2 bells may seem pointless to some, we felt that it was important keep #bellringing going if we could. It seemed to have been welcomed by the Dean.

Fingers crossed these restrictions won’t last long and we can meet some of our friends again.


One thought on “Just the two of us

  1. Fingers crossed it is only for a few weeks. Frustrating as it is, its probably for the best. I think clergy and parishioners are happy to hear bells in whatever way is possible

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