What time is lunchtime?

Lunchtime seems such a strange time of the day. You can have an early lunch, brunch, a late lunch, a liquid lunch, skip lunch, desk lunch, long lunch, a working lunch and everything in between. But when exactly is it lunchtime?

When I’m at work I tend to get hungry pretty early. I start work at 7:30am, have breakfast around 8:30am but by 12 noon I’m usually hankering after my lunch. Depending on whether I have meetings or not will depend exactly what time I get to eat but its usually some time between 12 noon and 1pm.

Yet when I’m at home or on holiday lunchtime might not be until nearer 2pm. Or yesterday for example was 4pm and we hadn’t had lunch yet because we’d been busy. So is it too late for lunch now because its getting on for dinner time? Or is it a late lunch now? Or is it afternoon tea? At what point is it no longer lunchtime?

I’m got something to eat at 4pm but not much because I didn’t want to fill up and spoil dinner later. So am I having lunch or a snack?


One thought on “What time is lunchtime?

  1. The other question is, is it lunch and dinner or dinner and tea? It’s the latter where we live 🤷‍♀️ but the former where we come from


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