Spoonerisms & Malapropisms

Someone I overheard the other day said they were dotting the t’s and crossing the i’s. Having realised what she’d said she burst into fits of laughter. It reminded me of some of the words I used to get muddled up as a child.

I remember saying that Dad would need to put the car in the par cark. When we went on holiday I would be packing my sleeping bag and sleeping in my suitcase (although technically possible, not true). And one of my siblings used to call (and still does) the A406 road around Central London the North Circlear.

Even now when I see rabbits along verges I call them Runny Babbits, but that came from trying to be cute with my daughter when she was little.

Other random things that we say but aren’t technically spoonerisms are things like having lemming meringoo poo for pudding.

Apparently Spoonerism Day is on 22 July which I shall endeavour to celebrate next year in full. 😁


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