Soup Season

Its definitely turned chillier which means its time to break out the soup maker.

The days of packing salad and cold meats for lunch is drawing to a close, giving way to being able to microwave soup at work. A nice tub of warm soup and a couple of slices of C’s homemade multigrain bread 😋 is perfect for an autumnal day.

As with most weekends it involves meal prep for the week ahead, so soup maker duly cleaned and ready to go, the soup of choice for this coming week is cauliflower and cheese. Its an SW recipe involving many, many cheese triangles. I didn’t put them in until after the rest of the soup had been through the soup maker, then stirred them through whilst it was still hot.

To be honest it’s not the most appetising looking soup. Kind of a very pale yellow (due to the paprika i assume and the cheese triangles). It tasted ok when I stuck my finger in it to test it but don’t know how it will be once reheated at work. Anyway, try it I shall and I have 4 tubs of it to get through in the week ahead, so eat it I will.


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