Family time

Since lockdown has prevented meeting up as a large family group, there are several events that we would have normally arranged a gathering for. However, the wonders of technology does mean that we can see and talk to each other, albeit virtually.

Every other Sunday we have a family Skype call with parents, siblings and “the youngsters” i.e. our daughter and nephew, when they are available. We are scattered by distance across various parts of Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Portsmouth, and North Lincolnshire. Our daughter is in Surrey and often has to work at weekends and our nephew is at University and has other things to occupy him.

This week all but our daughter were able to log on together. We had a separate session with R when she got home from work.

It works out really well when J has a list of questions for everybody. That way everyone gets to find out everyone else’s news and updates. The one time that didn’t happen it all descended into chaos with everyone talking over each other. But this week’s was back on track.

Even though we can’t meet up, at least our family still manages to see and talk to each other. I know for many others, even that is not possible.

This week we spent an hour and a half with the larger family chat, then another hour with our daughter catching up on her news. Things are going from strength to strength for her and despite what could have been quite a difficult time for her during lockdown, she’s fallen on her feet and seems really settled now. The wonders of technology means we can see her as well as talk to her and we can see for ourselves that she’s good.

Happy bubba means happy mumma.


One thought on “Family time

  1. Have to say it has been good. And great that all generations have embraced the technology and committed to the event 👍


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