Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

I love looking through the finalists in this annual photographic competition.

I wonder whether the photographers intend to find an amusing shot, or its happy circumstance, or they just rattle off so many shots that one of them is bound to be funny.

This year’s finalists were a smiley fish, photo bombing giraffes, a bear waving hello, a violin playing Tern, a really unhappy turtle, parakeets keeping socially distanced, a bored gorilla, silly brown bears, a fox and rodent having a very intense debate, a puking penguin, a butt scratching baboon, smiley mongoose, an egret having a really bad hair day, a laughing seal, a sarcastic kingfisher, a boiling snow monkey, magical pelicans, a cute red squirrel, a racoon sticking put of a tree, and swinging langurs.

I think my favourites were the smiley fish šŸŸ as it looked like it was having a great time and was bright and cheerful, and the photo bombing giraffe šŸ¦’ that looked like it was trying to cheer up its more serious looking friend, and the rather displeased turtle šŸ¢

Behind the giggles the competition has a serious message to support wildlife conservation and is partnered by the Born Free Foundation. The winners will be announced on 22nd October.


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