Hello again

As you know I was off work last week taking some annual leave and doing all sorts of random things which was thoroughly enjoyable. At 07:30 this morning I was back at my office desk.

The first thing to do was navigate logging back into my PC trying to remember the new password I’d set the day before I went on leave. Then opening the email inbox to see the 290 new emails received over last week. Didn’t think that was too bad actually. I can hear my number two in her office next door talking to someone so I’ll have to wait for her to update me on what’s been going on.

Then time to check the diary to see what I’ve got on this week. I’m interviewing for new staff this morning and have 3 candidates, all internal, to see. Then a conference call later on. The rest of the week is a patchwork of meetings, investigation interviews and video conference calls. Good job I’ve got my strong, home ground coffee with me.

So, here goes, let’s get Monday underway.


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