Hump day

Hump day, or Wednesday as its more commonly referred to, signals the middle of the working week for most. We’ve managed to survive the first two days and after we’re over the hump of Wednesday its downhill all the way to the weekend.

I do a condensed week meaning I fit full time hours into four days. The downside is doing a longer day for four days but I was pulling those hours anyway, just not getting paid for them. It does however mean I have Fridays off and I use that time to catch up on all the #bellringing paperwork I need to get done. When I started this work pattern in January 2020, I vowed that I would do one thing I had to get done and one thing that I wanted to do. Sometimes these are actually the same thing.

I’m on annual leave this week so I’ve been able to catch up with quite a number of things. This hump day though, I was rather impressed with myself.

I’ve been invited to give a talk about public relations and how to make the best of it to the St Martin’s Guild of Bellringers at the end of September. I’m not a fan of last for preparing for things like that so I had promised myself that I would do it this week whilst I was off work and had the opportunity.

Due to the current situation the talk is being streamed so I don’t get to meet the attendees in person, or get a vibe from the room as to how its going. If I was doing it to a room of people I would be making them do something creative rather than just death by PowerPoint. However I am having to do it over a video conference where there will be little chance of dynamic feedback, so death by PowerPoint it is.

I had a quick look at the length of time some of the previous talks the Guild had done and figured I’d need something about the 30-40 minutes mark, plus time for questions. I sat down at the PC at about 10am surrounded by my source materials and an open blank presentation. I was in the zone. I ploughed through the ideas in my head and committed them to the slides. I took a short break for lunch but went straight back to it. I finished it at around 5.15pm.

The sense of satisfaction I felt at the end of that was quite immense. I still have to deliver the presentation but I can relax a bit now knowing that the ground work has been done.

It being hump day, which in our house also means it’s #winewednesday, I did rather enjoy a couple of glasses of crisp chilled white.

Happy hump day or #winewednesday 🍷


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