No need to alarm

Its a Bank Holiday today so for many it means a day off from work. A chance to spend time with family and do those DIY jobs you still haven’t completed, have a tidy up, go out for the day or simply chill out.

Fortunately I’m in a role that affords me the day off. We have no plans for the day as such, apart from a vurtual #bellringing tower tour this evening, so no need to rush about.

So why on earth was the alarm ⏰ set this morning?

Our alarm clock has two alarms set. One for 6am and one for 7am. You can have one or other or both set to go off. Admittedly it was the 7am that went off, so technically we had had a bit of a lie in. But there was no real need for it to go off at all. How nice would it have been to have woken up naturally, feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

Apparently you can train yourself to wake up naturally by using your body’s natural circadian rhythm by figuring out how much sleep 💤 you actually need and going to bed at the right time, following a relaxing bed time routine.

I usually don’t have a problem with going to sleep and probably have more sleep than I need. If I’m bored I’ll sleep, if I’m stressed or worried I’ll sleep and I’ll nod off if I’m sat still too long.

Fir those who get to take a Bank Holiday, I hope you find it relaxing and rejuvenating.


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