The meaning of dreaming

Dreams are weird. I don’t dream very often but when I do they are just so disjointed.

For me a dream never has a beginning or end, there just seems to be a middle bit of the story. And no one has a head but I do know who they are mostly.

The dream I had in the early hours of this morning was situated in a very white room with a very white shiny table. On my left was Mary and on her left was Alison. These are real people that I work with in the Central Council of Church Bellringers ( We were at a National Trust property volunteering. I was new to it but Mary and Alison had been there a while. Opposite was the man in charge who wasn’t anyone I knew, as well as having no head he had no name. He was asking each of us, starting with me, why we wanted to volunteer and what we got out of it. It almost seemed like a job interview.

The trouble is I have no idea how any of us answered this question because I woke up. What’s that all about?

In our daily life we have hopes and dreams about our future, of what we want from life, and we have the power to manifest them into reality if we try. When we’re asleep our dreams are more abstract and are perhaps a jumble of reality and desire.

According to “Dreaming is a thinking process. In fact, it is a continuation of your thoughts from the day. That chatter in your head that goes on all day long continues as you drift off to sleep, and, once you enter REM sleep, when dreaming takes place, those thoughts continue in symbols and metaphors instead of in words.”

Well, I have no idea what my dream meant and what “chatter” it was trying to sift through. Perhaps someone could explain 🤔


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