Is that the IT department?

I love it when I answer the phone at work and hear that. The answer is no I’m not the IT department.  Unless you are my former colleague Kathryn.

I worked very closely with Kathryn for a number of years as we were part of a project team that built, equipped and commissioned a large new hospital wing which opened in 2010.

We went in different directions after the new wing opened, she continued to work with the on site project team and I moved into managing a large group of staff,  but both within the same hospital still.

I would get an occasional phone call from Kathryn asking for some support with working out spreadsheet formula or some other IT issue. This usually involved me trekking up to her office, having a good natter and putting the world to rights, then she would make me a coffee whilst I sorted out whatever her issue was.

Kathryn took early retirement just over a year ago and moved up to Cambridgeshire to be nearer where her husband works. She got a part time job just to keep some pocket money flowing whilst they did some major work on the house they’d bought. We keep in touch, she calls when she’s visiting her mum who still lives locally to the hospital and we meet up for a coffee in the hospital coffee shop.

She still calls me occasionally asking for the IT department but I have to resort to sorting out her problem long distance, and I don’t get the coffee by way of recompense.

She has called me this morning but didn’t ask for the IT department, just said “‘ello, its me”. I immediately smiled. “‘Ello you” was my reply. We had a brief chat but the best bit was we have arranged to meet up next week. I have the week off work so can take a trip up to Cambridgeshire to see her, taking care with all the current Covid-19 guidance. This time I’ll get more than coffee, we’ll find somewhere for a spot of lunch.

Can’t wait to have a proper catch up, put the world to rights and have a damn good laugh with probably my oldest and best work colleague. She’s more than that, she’s a lifelong friend, confidante and supporter.

Can’t wait 😁


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